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To learn more about the different blends of coffee that we brew at Beans, click here.

Coffee Drinks

Espresso (double shot)

Our espresso blend is made specifically to give a strong coffee flavor when used for a latte or a cappuccino, but is still caramelly and chocolaty when taken on its own. We typically use between 18 and 19 grams of espresso, brewed for 23-28 seconds to finish with 30 to 36 grams of brewed liquid, which is a standard double shot.

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A double shot of espresso added to hot water to make a drink of similar strength to a drip coffee.

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Café au Lait

A double shot of espresso with warm milk.

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Café Latté

A double shot of espresso with steamed milk. We steam to create “microfoam” which gives the milk foam a creamier texture and a better mouthfeel, rather that having foam that is dry, tasteless and like meringue.

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A double shot of espresso with steamed milk. We steam to create microfoam, similar to the latte, but a cappuccino will be a bit thicker.

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Flavored Café Latté

Pick from a variety of flavours including vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, mocha and more.

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Drip Coffee

Fresh drip coffee. Available in Medium or Dark roast.

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Tea Creations

Brewed Tea

We serve Mighty Leaf Tea, and offer a wide selection of black, green and herbal teas.

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London Fog

Earl Grey tea with vanilla and steamed milk. Not too sweet, not astringent and nice and creamy. A winter favorite.

Red Vanilla Latte

A strong shot of red rooibos tea pulled through our espresso machine, with vanilla and steamed milk.

Chai Latte

A strong shot of chai tea, mixed with steamed milk.


Apple cider mixed with chai tea concentrate, served hot.